• Flexible Curriculum

    We provide lessons and tutorials based on the CAPS and the A-level Maths curriculum designs.

  • Scholars

    Learn at their own pace, not somebody else’s. Ideal for catch-up, speed up and moving ahead.

  • Improved Retention

    Bringing mathematical concepts across in a way that learners understand and significantly improve their retention.


In 2008, a scientist decided to offer some of his time to teach and tutor math to scholars.

The demand for excellent tutors in South Africa became so high that he started to plan on helping more scholars, especially from the previously disadvantaged backgrounds. To help more scholars he had to devise a good plan.

Today, the need for systems to supplement the school curriculum is so prominent that it is impossible to overlook the possibility of online-learning. The impact of violence at our schools, and disruptions on tertiary levels led the scientist to develop Maths-Online.

Maths-Online has always been at the edge of bringing mathematical concepts across in a way that learners understand, significantly improve their retention, and better their performance.



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Maths-Online enables

Interactive learning online.

Learners can work at their own pace.

Watch the video tutorials as many times as they need to until they get it.

The online-teacher never gets annoyed or frustrated.

Improved learning performance.

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Why Maths-Online

Maths-Online is managed and governed by a team of scientists that are well accredited for teaching & developing educational material.

Dr Angelo Joseph

BSc(Math), BSc Hons, MSc (Physics), DBL Angelo holds a BSc degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Physical sciences …

Abraham Aphane

BSc, MSc (Eng), MBL, PGDMM Abraham holds a BSc degree in Chemistry and a Masters degree in Engineering from the …

Prof Jan Kruger

BSc(Math), MSc, HDE, PhD Jan holds a BSc degree in Mathematics and a PhD in science from Witwatersrand university. He has more …

Success Stories

Below is what our scholars and their parents have to say about us.

  • I wish I knew about you guys when I was in grade 8. I have never appreciated math that much. Thank-you very much for taking time to share your insights!

    Luthando Makandula
  • Thank-you for helping our son to find a deeper appreciation of maths & science.

    Stephan Potgieter
  • Thank-you very much for going the extra mile. I really appreciate everything you are doing for my daughter.

    Nazreen Khan

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